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Body scan - Personal health advice - treatment


Doctors fight diseases with medication or surgery. Physiotherapists manipulate joints and strengthen muscles.


As a SOM therapist, I give you specific lifestyle advice based on a body scan with which you create the conditions so that your body can recover itself. In this way we complement each other.


Health is the SUM of parts. The advice is to examine, support and treat the entire body if it is out of balance.


Does your back hurt? Then it may not only be due to the vertebra or muscles around it, but maybe your pelvis is not in the right position. Or maybe your gut is very sensitive because you eat something that your body reacts sensitively to every day. And your gut is attached to your back! Or maybe you have a lot of work or relationship stress and your back is the weakest spot, the first to report when you get out of balance...


Take back control of your health!


Anke van Banning


From an early age I have been fascinated by exercise, helping people and nutrition. I've always done a lot of sport, first playing tennis, later on I added all sorts of things: horseback riding, fitness, Zumba. And in the last few years a new passion has emerged: swimming, cycling and running or triathlons. Sport is an outlet and relaxation for me. In addition, I always like to be outside, I have green fingers and now also have my own vegetable garden. And I like to cook, tasty but above all healthy. I am now the mother of a wonderful daughter and I enjoy all the beautiful things that come my way.


Around the age of 16 I started having back problems, partly due to my height and not knowing how to adjust my posture, and I went to a physiotherapist. This sparked my interest in my career as a Physiotherapist, which started in 2000 with the training. This was a good basis for me to help people with physical and health problems. Only this mechanical view of health was not always effective for recovery. I started looking for additional effective methods. Nutrition and mindfulness (meditation) were increasingly discussed and I became a mindfulness trainer. And eventually I came to the conclusion that health is the sum of parts. Petra Versteegh trained me as a SOM therapist to be able to apply all these aspects of health.


Our body is thrown out of balance by all kinds of factors and my goal is to look with you at how we can improve and restore that balance, in the short term, but also for the long term. Every person is an individual and reacts differently to food, stress, exercise or other external influences. Through my own search for a healthy lifestyle and my now broadened background as a physiotherapist, mindfulness therapist and Som therapist, I can help you to restore the balance in your body after a measurement and treatment with the body scan. The scan works on the basis of frequency and everything in the body (bacteria, viruses, but also all systems and organs) has its own frequency. The scan measures where there is imbalance and where the body loses too much energy in terms of recovery. We map this using the computer and beautiful 3d images. This is followed by personal advice and a treatment by the device to reactivate the body's self-recovery. Feel free to contact us for questions or to make an appointment.



My vision


Health is the sum of parts. In recent years, that awareness has grown. My quest for a healthy life. That sore back isn't just that vertebra stuck. The cause can be due to so many more factors.

Water, oxygen, food, exercise, sleep, mindset, feeling, consciousness... Everything may be in balance. If we leave a part behind, we will become unbalanced over time and we can get sick.


So to recover you can also look at all those parts. Not just local to that knee!


For example, people come to me for nutritional advice who already do everything by the book. They eat perfectly, organically, organically, but don't want to hear that they need another job. That they may stop obsessively cleaning their house or that they should start a conversation with their partner about the dissatisfaction in their marriage. For example, they focus on that one milkshake they shouldn't have had. They blame it on why they feel miserable.


No, you can really look at all parts of your health. All parts of your life!

I would be happy to visualize it for you with a body scan. And based on the book Truth about health (author Petra Versteegh) you can also do your own research.

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