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Arnica Tincture - Arnica montana Tincture
Single herbal tincture made with dried flower of Arnica montana (Arnica).
Arnica, also known as wolverlei (Arnica montana), is a perennial plant belonging to the composite family (Asteraceae). This plant naturally occurs in the Alps, Pyrenees, the Balkans and southern Scandinavia. You can also find it in the east of the Netherlands and in the Belgian Ardennes.
The plant grows to a height of 20-45 cm with a sparsely branched stem. Its leaves are opposite each other and are 2-4 cm wide. The lower leaves have an elliptical to obovate-lanceolate shape, while the upper pair of leaves are linear-lanceolate.
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Echinacea (Coneflower) (Herb) - Echinaceae purp.
Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) is one of the most widely grown and used herbs in the world because of its positive influence on the immune system. The genus name 'echinacea' is derived from the Greek word 'echinos', meaning 'hedgehog', because of the spiky flower cone. Since the beginning of the last century, much research has been done into Echinacea purpurea in Europe.
This plant has a rich history and originally comes from North America. Indigenous tribes used this perennial plant for its beneficial effects on the immune system. Colonist doctor H.C.F. Meyer adopted this knowledge from the indigenous population and brought the first product based on echinacea onto the market in 1871.
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Field Horsetail - Equisetum arvense - Cut
Horsetail (Equisetum arvense), also known as horsetail because of its appearance, belongs to the horsetail family. It is known for its supportive properties for the skin, hair and nails, and it provides benefits for the liver and blood vessels. Horsetail extract has a natural calming effect and promotes a healthy moisture balance.
This plant thrives in different environments, such as meadows, along roads, on waste land and on slopes. Horsetail is one of the oldest plant species on earth, having existed for 390 million years. Thanks to its deep roots, horsetail can extract minerals from the depths of the earth. That is why horsetail is packed with valuable substances, including minerals, fiber and silicon.
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Lungwort - Pulmonaria officinalis
Lungwort, belonging to the genus Pulmonaria in the rough-leaved family (Boraginaceae), owes its botanical name to the Latin word 'pulmo', which means 'lung'. This is because of the similarity that was seen between the drawing on the leaves of the spotted lungwort and (diseased) human lungs. According to the signature theory, the plant was previously used as a remedy for lung diseases because of this similarity. The Dutch name 'pulmonary herb' is directly derived from the botanical name, and this name also occurs in several other Western European languages.
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