Neşe Kelekçi

Neşe Kelekçi

As a SOM therapist, my mission is to use the Global Diagnostics (GD) body scan to give you insight into your health and to offer you personal advice and treatments to optimize your well-being and vitality.

From an early age I was passionate about working in healthcare. After high school I obtained my propaedeutic degree in HBO-V and graduated in 2009 as a nurse. During my HBO-V education I had the opportunity to follow a minor in complementary medicine, which was a great addition to my regular education. This introduced me to alternative care, such as aromatherapy, color therapy, various massages, foot reflexology and meditation. After my HBO-V training I completed the training as a practical nurse and I have been working in a general practice since 2011.

My quest for a healthy life led me to SOM health, where I experienced the therapy itself as positive and complete. This inspired me to follow the training as a SOM therapist in 2022. Now I am the proud owner of Hayy Practice, focused on health and vitality.

I believe in a holistic approach and therefore like to look at all aspects of your health. With the GD body scan I offer measurements, personal health advice and treatments, so that you gain insight into your own health and vitality.

I see myself as a bridge between regular and alternative/preventive care. Because of my experience in both fields, I can provide professional individual health advice and provide the right tools. I have experience in guiding people with progressive chronic conditions, where their quality of life is central.

Together we work on optimizing your health and vitality. Our body knows exactly what to do, but sometimes the self-healing ability needs extra support to activate and help our body. This way it can fulfill its natural functions and contribute to our overall well-being.

Target group

Do you suffer from physical discomfort, lethargy, fatigue, brain fog or do you just want to get the best out of yourself with a 'health check'? Through a body scan we can discover together what is important to feel healthy and energetic again!

Did you know that your body is capable of recovering from most complaints itself?

Are you ready to tackle the root cause of your health problems? I'm ready to help you.

The body scan is suitable for everyone and there are many reasons to have a body scan performed. Whether you are concerned about your health because of existing complaints or because you want to know how your health is doing.

Make an appointment, call or email. You are very welcome!

Please note, there are some contraindications:

  • Have a certain pacemaker or other heart support device
  • are pregnant
  • Had an organ transplant less than a year ago
  • Have a stent
  • have epilepsy

If you have any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.


body scan

1-Measurement with body scan

Energy in your body can be measured with the Vitalfeld body scan of Global Diagnostics (GD). When you come to me for a consultation, I will first put you to the GD. I then stick 2 electrodes on the inside of your ankles that send 612 electromagnetic waves through your body in 8 minutes, of which you don't feel anything. The electromagnetic waves are analyzed and displayed on a computer screen in a clear 3D image and graphs. During the 8-minute measurement, the body scan sends 612 frequencies into your body. This measurement gives me insight into the state of your health. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergies, acidification in specific muscles, blockages in vertebrae, joints that are not flexible, blood vessels and nerves can all be measured.


health advice

2-Personal health advice

With the measurement I show you concretely how you can improve your health yourself. Health is the SUM of parts, chemical, mechanical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As a SOM therapist I would like to give you holistic advice to make your immune system super strong again, all parts of your health are discussed so that you gain insight into the cause of your: body system, complaints at: cellular level, at energy level, digestive system, muscular system and skeleton, hormonal system, cardiovascular system, genitourinary system, sensory organs, respiratory system, brain and nervous system, reproductive system, autonomic nervous system, mouth and jaw system.



You will remain connected to the GD equipment for the treatment. The GD makes a treatment proposal based on your measurement. As a SOM therapist, I have the option to add specific parts to it, to concretize the treatment depending on your possible complaints. With the GD we give the systems in your body that are currently experiencing an imbalance in the right direction, namely towards recovery. Through imperceptible stimuli, the body's self-healing capacity gets a boost and systems that are weaker get the support they need. Depending on your possible complaints, the disturbances can be remedied by an average of 4-8 treatments, this varies per person. Everyone with or without complaints, with or without disorders, children and adults are very welcome.

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