Petra Versteegh


My name is Petra Versteegh and I work as a SOM therapist. The people who come to my practice have the most diverse complaints. Ranging from not feeling well, skin problems, fatigue to chronic pain. Medical research does not always reveal anything. They are then told that their ailments have a psychological cause and that they 'just have to learn to live with it'. When you knock on my door, I make sure you feel heard, seen and understood. I believe that care can be done differently. more complete. More human.

There are many elements that you can influence yourself to take control of your health again.

I myself am a conscious person, who likes to investigate things. Collecting my own knowledge and experience!

By becoming aware of all the factors that influence your health, you can choose to do things differently from now on and feel better. I show you which factors determine your health and how you can influence them, so that you feel energetic and vital.

"It's my mission to teach people how to get back to themselves

take control of their health"

Body scan

The people in my practice often deal with unexplained complaints. They have often already sought help from specialists from regular health care for this, but unfortunately the complaints have not been resolved so far. The treatment with the body scan restores the balance in the body.

In addition, the body scan can also be used perfectly as a preventive health check. A kind of medical MOT that gives you a good overview of your lifestyle, health and any health risks.


Improve your health yourself

“Health is the SUM of parts,” I always say. When an imbalance arises somewhere in your body, it can be reflected in an unexpected place. Simply put, back pain does not always come from the back and headaches are not always caused by neck complaints or stress. In my practice I examine and treat people as a whole. All parts of our human being may be in balance to get and keep our health optimal!

You will receive individual health advice based on a quick, but very extensive body scan. Thanks to the concrete medical data from the scan, in combination with my experience as a SOM therapist, you will receive a targeted treatment plan that will permanently improve your mental and physical health.

"In 8 minutes a complete picture of the health of your body"

3 characteristics of a consultation with me


I am known for always going for the highest possible result. This is how I am involved in biohacking. With this you focus on improving the biological processes in your body in order to create the optimal, most energetic version of yourself. I also studied Functional Medicine in the United States. This is a science-based, next-level approach to helping people with a tailored treatment plan improve their bodily functions and achieve and maintain excellent health.



As a highly sensitive person, I can quickly see where the shoe pinches and quickly achieve effects. Of course it depends on the seriousness of your situation, but often you notice a clear improvement after just one consultation. From experience I know what it's like to not always feel understood as an HSP. That means that you first start looking for solutions yourself, under the motto: if it doesn't work, it won't hurt. Yet those Bach flower drops or those gemstones are often not sufficient as a remedy. I look at what you need, and start from how I can help you effectively.



People describe me as a therapist as someone who always respects others. You get personal advice, but I will never force anything on you, or try to sell you supplements, if you don't need it. I leave that entirely up to you. We use the concrete medical data that comes from the body scan as a basis. But I can also sense what you are dealing with, listen to what is not being said. Call it professional idiocy, but I really want to look for the possibilities to ensure that you feel top fit and energetic.

Activate your self-healing ability

“How you feel depends on many factors. It depends on what you eat and drink, whether you exercise enough, sleep enough, but your thoughts and emotions also play a role. When all those elements are in balance, you feel good. But sometimes that doesn't work and complaints or illnesses arise. As a SOM therapist, I look holistically at all aspects of your lifestyle.

With the Global Diagnostics body scan we find out the cause of your complaints. The measuring equipment indicates after 8 minutes whether and where there is an imbalance or disturbances in your body. In addition, the device activates your body's self-healing capacity, so that you also achieve immediately noticeable results.

Do you have no complaints and are you especially curious about what else you can do to feel strong and fit? Then you can also use the body scan as a preventive health MOT. To increase your vitality.

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Contact details:

Petra Versteegh

Oranjeplein 201

6224 KV Maastricht

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday 09:00 - 16:00

Training as a SOM therapist

Do you have basic medical knowledge of HBO as a background and do you, as a healthcare professional, also believe that healthcare can be improved? From the regular system, specialists look at each body part separately, while everything (body and mind) is interrelated and influences each other.

As a SOM therapist you learn to provide insight into the overall picture of someone's health and you can give personal health advice. Thanks to the advanced body scan, you no longer just fight the symptoms, but also tackle the underlying cause for a lasting result.