A therapist is a professional who deals with the treatment of physical or mental illness as a profession. There are countless specializations within this broad field, each with their own treatment methods. Some examples are physiotherapists, dietitians, occupational therapists, homeopaths, kinesiologists, osteopaths, mental coaches and hypnotherapists. An important aspect of the therapy is the orthomolecular treatment method, in which nutrition and supportive supplementation play a role.

In contrast to symptom management, the focus of therapy is often on addressing the underlying causes of disorders and promoting preventive health. All aspects that influence health are taken into consideration, such as diet, stress management, exercise and emotional state.

Each client receives a personal treatment plan that is developed by the therapist. This plan is drawn up on the basis of consultations, questionnaires and food diaries to gain an in-depth insight into the client's lifestyle. In addition, various tests and examinations can be performed to determine the balance in the body.


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