ILHWA Ginseng

ILHWA Ginseng

If you are looking for the best quality in the ginseng you buy, there is simply no other brand like ILHWA.

ILHWA is not for nothing the world leader!

ILHWA-Benelux is the exclusive importer of ILHWA Ginseng supplements for the Benelux.

ILHWA-Benelux is part of B.V.

You are assured of the best quality ginseng products, made from Panax Ginseng.

Panax Ginseng has a remarkable capacity to restore the body’s natural balance.

It supports nonspecific resistance to biochemical and physical stressors.

It improves vitality and well-being.

ILHWA ILHWA Methode - Panax Ginseng 

Ginseng Studies - GINST15 

100% pure freeze dried ginseng extract. Thanks to the method of freeze dry, the high concentrated ginseng extract is easy turned into a powder that easily dissolves in water.
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ILHWA GINST15 Korean Ginseng Soft Capsules - 60 caps
These GINST15 Soft capsules with hydrolyzed ginseng extract are packed in easy to take soft gel capsules. Especially ideal if you have difficulty with the taste and smell of ginseng.
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ILHWA GINST15 Korean Ginseng Tea
Granular tea with increased absorption from GINST15 hydrolyzed ginseng extract, while keeping the original fragrance and taste of ginseng.
From: €26.80
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ILHWA GINST15 Korean Red Ginseng Extract
This ginseng extract is added with GINST15 (fermented ginseng extract), to increase the absorption power for a better and faster absorption in the human body.
From: €65.56
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ILHWA GINST15 Multi-Vita - 180 tabl.
The most complete multi-vitamins through the addition of GINST15 extract and FBCx. GINST15 (fermented ginseng extract) brings all the benefits of panax ginseng but with a better and faster absorption by the human body.
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ILHWA Korean Ginseng Extract
One of our top of the line products: 100% pure extract of undiluted ginseng.
From: €42.80