Brain Health Capsules
Discover the ultimate Neuro-Nootropic Formula to support mental and cognitive performance. Our capsules are specially developed for focus, memory and concentration. They provide a holistic approach through a synergistic action that targets the brain, central and peripheral nervous systems. By combining carefully selected ingredients, we support not only neural activity, but also overall brain health. Whether you're studying, working or just want to be mentally sharp, these capsules provide the support you need. Let your mind shine bright and reach your full potential with our Neuro-Nootropic Formula.
Neuro-Nootropic Formula
Mental and Cognitive Performance
Focus, Memory & Concentration
Optimal synergistic action for Brain
Central and Peripheral Nervous System
Resveratrol - 100 mg
Resveratrol is a naturally occurring substance in Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum). It belongs to polyphenols, a group of organic molecules mainly found in vegetables, fruits, herbs and other plants. Polyphenols consist of different phenolic groups and include substances such as simple phenols, coumarins, flavonoids and anthocyanins. They play a crucial role in the metabolism of plants, protect the plant, regulate growth and provide protection against UV light, oxidation and heat.
Resveratrol has beneficial properties for protecting healthy cells and tissues in the body and is also good for the heart and blood vessels.